Thursday, 1 May 2014


Interviewing sculptor tomorrow and chipping stone, as one does on a Friday, today I interviewed Danielle De Winter who invented Beauty Shots and Skinergie, power houses of the most potent ingredients I've learnt over the past six months that are either superfoods or super supplements that are great for inside and outside.   Fascinating chat unravelling the confusion of what is good for you and what isn't.   She's made it simple. The equivalent of fast beauty food.

The anti ageing world is full of so much product, so much advice and information, often half picked up and incorrectly reported by journalists (according to the experts), its good to meet someone like Danielle, who has the pedigree but doesn't talk jargon.

Inflamation, be aware of it.   Ageing starts with inflamation.    She wrote her first book at fifteen, her second book 'Eat Yourself Beautiful' was a bestseller (she wrote at 21).    She's the daughter of a pioneering cancer specialist Dr Jan de Winter, and worked with her father in cancer prevention, focusing on the lifestyle choices people can adapt to reduce thir risk of contracting the disease.  She believes health and beauty are inseparable.  So do I, although I do feel some people strive for beauty and youth so much it makes them mentally ill/unstable/obsessive.   That I feel is more to do with the media than the experts or the punters.    I'm not a beauty journalist, I came in as a punter who was told she had wrinkly skin, but I don't actually think its the beauty journalists, I think its the mainstream journos who pick up on the latest research and pick a strap line.   Like sugar is bad for you.   Its not that simple as Danielle explained.   The sugar substitute is worse.   I don't think the papers have mentioned this.

Choose organic everything.  Non organic is full of antibiotics and hormones (which I sort of knew, but not the full implications).  Danielle told me.  So I went out to Tesco and bought chicken for £8 instead of £4.   I'm going to go vegetarian.   But the chicken tasted wonderful. Like erm..chicken.

Anything green eat unless its mold I presume. Kale, broccoli, anything green, eat it. EPA and DHA (keep wanting to write DHL) omega oils.  The beauty industry loves three letter abbreviations.   Algae is good for you, not from the swimming pool.

Other things - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.   And don't stress.   Don't eat calcium supplements, actually don't ever eat calcium supplements.     You can eat a healthy diet but if you don't have the correct supplements you won't absorb the goodness.  So that means you can live off kale but if you don't have the right supplements to help your gut absorb the goodness you might as well be eating rubbish.

Beauty Shots and Skinergie also something you can take with you on your travels. Very handbag friendly.   I like this product.  It's simple stupid.   Quick and with her pedigree, should work.   Going to see if it works over next few months but I liked the lady and what she said.  


  1. Thanks so much for the great blog Sarah!! Daniele de Winter x

  2. my pleasure! your product works. and you talk sense Daniele