Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I am sure it said somewhere that there would be an issue with cars in the year of the horse. Perhaps we should all return to the original horse power.   I used Hertz car hire. I will not use them again.  They have a deal with Ryanair where its cheaper but I usually use Europcar.    They have charged me twice.  They also 'hold' £400 from your account as a deposit when you collect your car at the airport. Or take 1000 euros in cash as a deposit. Unless you are a banker who else has that sort of money in their pocket?  It says they do this somewhere in the small print. I also bought a full tank of petrol when I hired the car. I didn't know this.   But this is what the guy told me.  

I am still waiting for my money. If I don't get it back I will tell the world.

Next my car.  So chilled was I when I returned from France, I remembered where the car was park, the number the lane, the bus stop - none of this do I usually remember. So chilled was I that I forgot to take the red coat I had arrived in.  Which had the car keys in it.   So the car remains in Stansted airport car park, and I will collect tomorrow.  They understand. It happens a lot they said at the car park reception (nice lady called Vicky) and I took the coach to Liverpool Street (very good value £9), and hit the rush hour with the suits.   Thank goodness I did the yoga.   Despite the fuss I was still the only chilled one on that tube and train home.


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