Friday, 5 July 2013


while everyone is sunning themselves, either getting burnt watching the Stones and getting as prune-like as the super stars themselves, I will be trying (again) to pass my yoga.   I have been back bending and forward bending and learning what my  tensor facae latae (I think) and rectus abdominus, and upper lower and middle trapezius and psoas, pectinius, sartorious,  and rectus femurs, and infraspinatus and teres minor muscles do.  I will probably forget the whole lot and have some vague recollection of what the quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps and deltoids do but I have tried.   I was at yotopia today with my friend Paula practicing.   Covent Garden is very different to how I remember it. Very trendy with courtyards, it was always a bit sawdust. Not talking horse and cart, but when the Pineapple studio opened and I would travel from deepest Essex on Saturday mornings to do a dance class with a teacher called Chris who was a better mover than anything on Strictly Come Dancing.   There were loads of beautiful people and tourists - not necessarily the same thing.   Wish I could have stayed longer.   perhaps next week..

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