Sunday, 7 July 2013


Two days in a yoga studio hopefully this time confirming my place as a yoga teacher.   I have back bended more over the past two weeks than I've done in certain relationships.   I still don't know if I have passed.  Yoga is all about the journey, you are always learning, always gaining knowledge, always on the journey.  Yup, as a travel journalist I get that, but I've worked so hard on this I want to arrive. Bit like having sex without coming.

Talking about having sex without coming, my ex texted me to let me know he had left his job without having another one to go to. I'm sure there's someone to go to, if not something to go to, but it did make me smile as he thought I would be interested.   He disliked the people he worked with with an intensity that spanned the days he was there, working out how he would leave on the day he was hired.    Sort of arriving at the destination even before you've been on the journey...

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