Sunday, 14 July 2013


Somerset House Friday night, band called the Band of Horses.  Rock country. If Status Quo came from Middle America with a dash of the Pogues thrown in.      Someone liked my bag (from Argentina), someone else (S Cooper, novelist) recognised me from the travel column (that pix is sooo old so not bad going).   Music good, audience v middle class (lots of Panama hats probably from Hampton Court Flower Show Country Living tent), v posh hot dogs, £12 Pimms ridiculous.

Richmond by the river with friend Kim, to take in a Saturday in Richmond which I never do, because everyone out of Richmond arrives, especially in this weather and especially by the river.   Builder called Simon (I think) approached us, telling us we a) smelt nice, b) looked liked classy ladies c) knew there were a lot of very unhappily married couples living on Richmond Hill as he handled the extensions on their homes (was this a euphemism for something?) and there is a series called Surrey Hills due to be scheduled for our screen next year, which is a fly on the wall of things going on on Richmond Hill as TOWIE is Essex and Made in Chelsea is Chelsea.  It will be nothing like the truth. If it were, marriages would fall apart within the first program, houses would be burnt down, people shot or mysteriously disappear.   If Simon the builder is on the ball, I am intrigued to know when it airs.

Any way, onto d),....d) he dropped into conversation he is a caveman in bed as he knows women like to be dominated in bed and e) would we like to take his phone number for extensions (again we weren't sure if he was touting for work or pleasure). We said no.

Sunday, had the yoga graduation, Tom came (bless him) to the ceremony although I should imagine, was bored silly but at least he saw where his mother disappeared to once a month - a studio in Old Street. I know that area is supposed to be trendy, hip and happening. I just thought it grungy, gritty and grubby.   But hey, Richmond on a Saturday night isn't exactly champagne and smiles.

The ceremony was lovely.  Everyone of the students was spoken to by our 'guru' Claire, who's done a brilliant job.   She's tough but think that shows in the standards. She's given us all very strong 'roots' on which to build.   I was described as determined, a fighter, passionate, with a lot to achieve, but my journey pales into comparison to some of the other yogis.    One girl dealt with throat cancer, another two had knee injuries, others still had other issues that I'm not going to share on here, but their courage was incredible.  We all showed courage, commitment and determination. And they are without exception, exceptional women.   I do feel the course chose us as much as we did it.

Then to Hyde Park, Jo Lo (who made it look like hard work) and Lionel (all night long...well until 10.30 curfew) Ritchie. We saw more of J Los bum than we did of her face (she knows her best side...or the cameraman did) and Lionel Ritchie who to my surprise was brilliant. He made it look easy, him and a piano, and even when the mic gave way (it happened earlier in the day too) we sang for him.    Too many love songs - reminding me of my teens and being a wallflower which I was again tonight. But it could be worse. I could be one of those couples on Richmond Hill.

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