Friday, 25 October 2013


In my quest to look better - for six months anyway - I trekked to deepest Earls Court, realising the Yoga Show is on at Olympia and walked for fifteen mins (Past the Arctic Monkeys fans already waiting for the touts or was it the touts?) to the right hall.   Next door was the Baby Show, which was appropriate really as there is such a thing as baby yoga, so mums could benefit all round.

I met three wonderful ladies with whom I learnt to teach yoga.  The place positively buzzed with tight bodies in leotards, tops that promised sweat free work outs, leggings that promised everything would be held in tight, and bands that went round the bum and tum, as there were free classes with earnest yoga teachers telling groups of twenty and thirty to ustasana and trikonasana and attempt a crow pose, while the four year olds had their own guru, managing to do each pose with ease, without needing to breathe the proper way or knowing or caring it was good for them.  They were having fun.

Clinky clinky music played, mats, blocks, the bands that you can hang from the ceiling that I'm sure Samantha had in Sex and the City that I thought were for sex but are obviously for yoga, were being sold there (£99).  Think they also had them in Made In Chelsea.  I didn't get one. I have no where to put it.

I was there to learn about the yoga retreats on offer and there's everything out there for anyone and everyone who may be interested in any variation of yoga.  There's even a boxing yoga now (, a kick asana I suppose.   If you want coconut juice, smoothies, massages, snacks (Naked were offering nibbles as were some of the other brands so don't do breakfast before you come, you've got enough energy bar to survive the week).

It's on for two more days.    I'm writing up about the yoga retreats on offer, all of which are competitively priced, for all levels.    There's a Mind Body and Spirit exhibition up the stairs, where people wear white or anything that looks Indian, and sit under pyramids. The air is pumped with incense, and people desperately seeking something and asking every psychic they can until they get the answer they want.   Just hope they ask the right question.

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