Saturday, 12 October 2013


First class in my local studio which can hold max six - and four people came!!!!    They were brilliant. There was a physiotherapist there so as you can imagine I was wetting myself to make sure that I knew if anyone had any back, knee, neck injuries, pregnant, moon cycle, the lot.    They smiled at the end and throughout, giggled at the cobra pose, (obviously opens the heart and voice chakra) and had green tea at the end (I had special cups which I've never used and are ideal!!!).    I read from a wonderful book called the radiance sutras and another one that's not on a yoga 'list' but has some inspiring quotes.    They said they would come back. I am sooooo happy.   Next class Monday lunchtime, Wednesday lunchtime, and six pm, then Thursday early 8.45. I am probably going to do a later class - say 7.30 on a Thursday and Wednesday as well because there seems to be a demand for that.  But will see.

Any way,  have a lovely weekend everyone.    And if you are in Richmond  88 Sheen Road TW9 1UF at any of those times - please come and email me on    

Massage, green tea and organic chocolate at the end.


  1. I went to my first Pilates class recently. The instructor asked if I had any injuries he should know about. "Not yet...." I replied.

  2. I always used to say that!!!! I got four people this evening and they say they really like it!!!!!! I got your email. Will respond!!! hope all good with you Simonxxx