Thursday, 3 October 2013


I've been using glasses which are supposed to make me stop getting SAD. As in seasonal affected disorder, rather than the one which means you are deeply and quietly unhappy, although they tend to be the same thing.  The first is caused by lack of sunlight, the second usually by a man.  

I have taken a photo of myself with them on and wanted to post it but it's terrifying because the light shines down on my eyes and I look like something out of the Blair Witch Project.  Not good. But you put these glasses on for 20 minutes each day or up to 20 minutes and they give you the light needed to stop you from getting SAD.    From Luminette, I think they retail at about £199 and you can get them from    Any way they are much better than sitting in front of a silly old lamp and you can get on with stuff while you're seeing through rose tinted glasses (literally).  I'm continuing to use them and I think they are definitely helping with the SAD.   Just don't take photos of yourself with them on. That really will make you miserable.

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