Friday, 14 March 2014


I am a happier bunny this morning. I had two hours sleep last night because of work but met a wonderful bunch of people in Clapham. Snotty man gave me a parking ticket but I don't care because he didn't look carefully and see I had paid in time and I took photos of the car and everything. It is a hassle (again) to write and say YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!   but the roads were so clear this morning, and it was cold (it is warmer outside than it is in my home at the moment) and the sky was so beautiful. Wonderful wonderful morning and as I said, lovely people.

And Mr Benn has died. Not the cartoon Mr Benn, who found a wonderful way to deal with his midlife crisis (never saw the wife, probably divorced, hates her, doesn' like to talk about it and rarely sees the kids) by dressing up in funny clothes and every day goes into his own little world.   Loads of Mr Benns about these days, but they are called Mr Grey and go to Soho.

No Tony Benn.  He who talked in whispers so everyone would listen. Clever skill that. Want to be heard in a room of loud mouths, whisper and they will shut up - well they did for him. And it became quite sinister. I remember him once on Question Time doing the whispering to great effect. The room just shut up, became a vacuum, even with the size of egos of his colleagues.  Meryl Streep used the same skill when she played the editor in Devil Wears Prada - she was allegedly told to keep her voice to a whisper by Clint Eastwood when she asked him how she could play 'quietly menacing'.  

But what a lot of 'big characters' are falling now.  Or so it seems.   Big voices but they have all left their mark one way or another.  Even more so when they whisper.

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