Sunday, 23 March 2014


I found the gerbil.    After the disastrous attempt to improve my garden on Saturday and undo the work that has been done to my poor plants, I went to the Ideal Home Exhibition in search of inspiration and copy. Depressing and impersonal.

On Sunday, on to the DecorFest ( held in KCS in Wimbledon, I went with hope.  EXCELLENT.  ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT.  BRILLIANT. WONDERFUL.   Altogether totally different experience. Lovely people, beautiful product, wonderful imaginative and creative ideas.     Those I will special mention to in the articles will include Deryn Relph, fab lady, fab colours. We are cowardly about colour. We should use it more.  Abigail Lipski artist, loves colour.  (there's a theme here isn't there?) Claire Henman, ( what she can do with feathers is no one's business - wonderful creations - Fran McCaskill, wonderful glass work, not the traditional SW stuff, - creative interesting, eccentric. Loved it.   She does workshops too Westminter Outdoor furniture. Excellent classy well priced product.    But it is Paul from    wonderful wonderful idea.    I am hoping he will help to undo the rubbish to my lovely little garden on Saturday.     Altogether a different bunch of people to those I met on the Saturday and living proof you can be creative and eccentric and not flakey.   You put a spring in my step and my weekend guys. Thank you

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