Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I did it in the right order. I visited in the New Year the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Malta - the original Corinthia hotel where it all started.  The service there is wonderful (see previous blogs) and spa superb, and the weather glorious and it was there I met Professor Edward de Bono.  

Today I visited the newest Corinthia in Whitehall Place. The service has that Maltese warmth, the decor is beautiful and dramatic. 

First impression - first thing you notice is it is in central London. As in it really is central to everything – close to Waterloo station – a bridge walk away, so close to the City (city waterloo line when it works) and Embankment station, Charing Cross.   WC2 is just round the corner but it’s officially in SW1.   So many places claim they are in central London and they are not. Corinthia is.   Location is key.

Secondly, the lobby is striking, huge glass chandeliers loom overhead, soft furnishings you would want in your own home if it were big enough.   The interior designer has used colour. So many hotels don't use colour well. This one does. 

And the art.  The art is phenomenal. I know appreciation of art is subjective.  I realise some people would prefer to look at a shark in formaldehyde or thin line drawing architectural prints when they walk through the door but the paintings they have in the lobby area (and on the concierge desk (look at the desk when you check in), are incredibly beautiful.    I want the golden one (featured below) on my wall in France – not Richmond as the house here is too small.   There’s even gold leaf on the lift doors – not real gold leaf (as in Dubai tacky) but beautiful gold leaf (see photo to get my meaning).

There’s a writer’s penthouse (it was booked so could see it) which was a pity, and a musician’s penthouse, which allegedly Johnny Depp likes, which says a lot as there’s also an actor’s penthouse but he doesn’t stay in that one. There's a Royal penthouse which was booked - I think with a Princess, not sure which one.   Room below is a suite.   Photo doesn't do it justice.  

The list of celebrities who stay here is endless, but many are off the record – but anyone who plays at the O2 stays here.  

The spa is wonderful, ethereal, womb-like.   They have these sleep pods in this black room which is just like being in the womb, but probably suffers a lot less noise. 

The restaurants serve wonderful food (order the halibut) and the bars I am told are the place to be if you want to meet a ‘NYM’ (nice young man).   So I’m going to trek down there one evening dragging  a friend in tow to admire the art, the lift doors, the spa....

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