Thursday, 13 March 2014


Wow, am I having an interesting time at the moment.   As they say, put your trust in people and they let you down.    First of all I am renting out my gite in France. I decided not to rent out the main house because the people who stayed there broke things, a lot of things, so I don't want anyone in that home again.  

The letting company - and I have put it on with two - one of them has just told me about the payment terms, which are ridiculous, so I am not going to let with them any more.    Read the small print carefully.   It seems people can stay in your home for a whole two days and pay nothing.  Not good.

Next my boiler. I have no hot water and heating (still) thanks to the plonkers who installed it installing it wrong, which has damaged the boiler. I made need a new one which costs £2500 odd but the plumber says other things might help. That's a might.  Life must be simpler than this.   This stuff is the basics, it's petty, it's not important but it becomes important when it's niggles like waking up in the cold, not having a hot shower, bath, and knowing that people will be in my lovely home in France and not paying for it.

Not a happy bunny and it's coming up to Easter.

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