Saturday, 22 March 2014


 I've just had two blokes in doing the gardening.  A tree died in the middle of my lawn and I wanted it taken out and other trees planted. Nothing fancy, just a country garden.    They quoted and I said I would give half up front and half at the end.    What they've done is some strimming, not particularly expertly and left a lot of the concrete slabs here.   A couple of hours work at most. £300 - £400 max.   They insisted on doing it today although I said I wouldn't be able to pay today.   And then got nasty when I said I couldn't pay today.   That will teach me to look at a card put through my door.    At least as a journalist I can write about the experience, and make sure others don't get taken in as well.  They have probably changed their company name by now but I've taken photos so I know what they look like and so will Watchdog.

I had Edward de Bono ring me this morning telling me how much he loves my books although 'I don't like men very much'.  I do like men Edward.  It's just I meet an awful lot of really shitty ones.  I know there are good ones out there.

And I've lost a gerbil somewhere.

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