Tuesday, 18 March 2014


This evening I was invited to two events by two very good friends who are both entrepreneurs. It was their night, but they were doing it for others.

Both very strong mothers and very strong women and very strong business women.  I put the definitions in that order possibly because that is the order in which I respect them.  Or of importance. I don't know. It's nearly one in the morning and I've got a lot on tomorrow.

Both are in the business of show, but they have substance.

The first, Debbie Arnold.  An actor, a writer, a motivational speaker and an all round good egg.  Very kind, generous spirited, and launching her initiative the fabyouless card, helping others to find discounts for healthy living. Beautiful inside and out.  She's a grafter and beautiful with it.

I talked to a few of her guests at the launch at the Sanderson. One was the director of a forthcoming play about Princess Diana that should (and already has) rocked a few boats.  Because it speaks about the truth.   A lot of those I spoke to talked about the 'truth' about the beauty industry.   Reminded me of that quote by Keats 'beauty is truth and truth is beauty - that is all ye know and all ye need to know'.
Well it's more than skin deep and those in the room knew it.

The second event - a concert at Cadgan Hall -  was co ordinated by Gina Miller, a successful business woman running her 5th business as well as the Family Charitable Foundation.

The concert was moving and wonderful (one little rap number sung by a far too cool person to be anywhere near Cadogan Hall, was entitled  'I don't sell dope, I now sell hope' - I'm still humming it... and there was another one who made the audience (a lot of whom were extremely well heeled)   shout back 'I love my butt').    Yup, we were all shouting it back.

Miller Philanthropy helps the small charities that don't have the advertising clout. I've got involved in my small way helping out with offering yoga retreats and classes, although with the number of parking tickets I've been getting this week (and I still have no heating) I feel I need some handouts!  It's perspective ultimately, as is truth.  

After the concert she announced how little the music industry gives back.   How it's very much an industry that takes.   Music uplifts but also makes a lot of money and percentage wise gives a fraction of it's overall worth and wealth. She's going to name and shame just like she did in the charity industry.   Perhaps she'll get some songsters slagging her off this time.     But perhaps that's just perspective again.

Well done ladies.  The girls done good. xx

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