Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hypno, Hydro, Derma, Dermo, Endo and Arbo. The language of anti aging. Then there are the letter abbreviations but I can never remember them. Other than CACI - the non surgical facelift - a description which has been copy written although I am told there are products which do exactly the same but can't use the same sell.

The latest expert (very good treatment in Richmond - will write about later) told me I need exfoliation. My skin has been hydro'd and abrased so much I am amazed I have any skin left to exfoliate, but that is what I need to do.    I also need to drink more water (if I don't hydrofacial will help my skin to 'drink' what I don't) and get more sleep (so I mustn't be stressed about getting wrinkles because if I'm stressed I will get more wrinkles).

So I pile more product on (Endocare, Arbonne and Diamond Brand are my favourites for different reasons) - but not too much which will stress the skin although not me if I think it works even if it doesn't.  In order to unstress myself I go to hypnotherapy.  I worry that the hypnotherapist may not be able to hypnotize me, but I mustn't worry as this is aging, so I try to stop worrying.   Whereas I would usually have a jelly sweet I don't now as these are full of sugar which is very bad for the skin, so I breathe deeply and think positive thoughts.    Sort of works.

Ailsa Frank is a qualified hypnotherapist and tells me I  should visualise walking through a garden (its always a garden but I try not to visualise my one because I've still got that dead tree stump and I don't want to think of the people who hacked it to pieces) and throw stones in a lake which are my worries. I also want to ask if I can throw people in but I don't think its appropriate.

After a few seconds she asks me to throw all the stones in after I've been doing it diligently doing it one by one.   It's a good visualisation.  I like it. It reminds me of doing such things when I was a child, creating ripples.   Think I still like doing that actually.     But I look around and realise I've got an awful lot of stones - not truck loads but neat zen like piles of stones - so I find myself in my visualisation scrambling about trying to throw all the stones in very quickly, hoping there isn't a baby amongst there somewhere.

And then I'm walking over stepping stones, each with different colours relating to the chakras, which I get, although I fall asleep half way through I'm not sure out of tiredness or because  my conscious wants to switch off and just let the subconscious take it in.   It could be that or the fact I'm knackered.  She then tells me to go into the light, but this always reminds me of the scene in the film Poltergeist where the little lady tells the little girl to not go into the light.  Ailsa gave me a few things to do when I returned home, including some CDs to listen to atlhough not in the car as I may fall asleep at the wheel. And I must, whenever I'm feeling down say 'amazing.' which is working at the moment although it sounds a bit American

Still I'm going back again as it's interesting and I think it worked (one of the few alternative therapies to be scientifically proven to do so). The likes of Matt Damon, Jack Nicklaus, Andre Agassi, Winston Churchill, Kevin Costner have all used it for dealing with things like giving up smoking, staying awake, improving their golf swing, and their tennis game - although not in that order.

And I have always been interested in Derren Brown and the work of Paul McKenna. Ailsa, who is very grounded and pragmatic, specialises in work with people who have alcohol addictions, weight issues, and work life balance, as well as those who want to clear the mind, and calm the spirit - a bit like yoga really.    It goes deep does hypnotherapy and in a disarmingly gentle way. No tears, no pain. I came away feeling very light headed. I slept very well and this morning confronted the most appalling traffic and sat (for the most part) patiently, saying to myself 'this is amazing' when every driver tried to either cut me up or the police blocked off Chiswick Bridge refusing to give any information about how long and why.    Amazing.

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